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Miss Hastings Leaving

A Message

I think I have taught over 800 children (23 years and 35 children going up to school each year). So there have been lots of tears and tantrums, bumped heads and scraped knees, puddles- lots of those! Other ‘accidents’ I won’t go into. Oh - and runny noses (my least favourite thing). There have been a couple of broken bones -same child - twice in one year! But also, lots and lots of brilliant moments when the children have made me smile and made me proud. My favourite kids have been those that say thank you without ever being reminded or ‘are you ok?’ when their friend is hurt or sad. Those kids who notice when someone is left out and give them a toy so they can play too and those children that are so well settled they skip into nursery every day and grin at me because they LOVE coming to school!

I really need to say thank you to the people I have worked with over the years. I have had THE BEST support from some of the most hardworking people I’ve ever met. Miss McGlynn supported me as a new teacher in the school and still does as a lifelong friend. Mrs Crighton has been my colleague and close friend through all the years. We share a lot of funny memories and she has kept me sane. She is a wonderful nursery nurse who still gets emotional when a child with language delay starts to speak or when a child learns to read. Mrs Schumacher was always SO patient with children who needed extra support. Miss Dunphy persevered for 3 years to teach a child with Downes Syndrome to walk.
More recently I’ve worked with Miss Schumacher, Miss Tinsley, Mrs Brown and Mrs Burgan-Costello. I’ve got fab memories of you ALL being fantastic with young children. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to work with you.
I also need to thank Mrs Wilson who has been teaching me lots of things to help me in my next job and of course, most of all, Miss Hindmarsh. She makes sure that all the children and their families, get the best possible support in school, but is also there for every single member of staff supporting them through a lot of tough times.
I will certainly miss the support network of everyone at C of E but I won’t miss sitting on those tiny nursery chairs!

Much love to all the families and children at KCE - keep supporting your kids and the school - it really does make all the difference.
Hope to see you all soon
Michelle Hastings.

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