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School Closure Protocol

School Closure Protocol

28th January 2019

Dear Parents,

With the possibility of snow in the next few days I thought it would be useful to remind you of our bad weather contingencies.

School has a duty of care for the children, parents and staff and will endeavour to stay open in bad weather conditions as and when appropriate.


We have not lost any school days for winter weather for 5 years and hopefully this winter will be the same; however in the event that school is closed before the school day starts a text message, a parent app notification will confirm that Kirkby CE is closed. If there is no message school is open as usual. Please avoid ringing school and blocking the lines, wait for the above notification.

Obviously conditions can deteriorate quickly and it may be necessary to close school earlier than normal. If this is the case we will again notify parents by text message and parent app.

Hopefully none of the above scenarios will occur but at least everyone is now aware of how we will let you know.


In the event of snowy weather children are allowed to come to school in boots and bring a change of footwear with them for indoors.

Kind regards,

Mair Hindmarsh