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The Kirkby Child

The Kirkby Child

We are seeking your help with a project we are currently carrying out.

We have been consulting with all our schools in Kirkby about the values they would like best represented by The Kirkby Child. This is the set of values we would like every school pupil in Kirkby to reflect in the way they conduct themselves both within and outside the school.  This has come from an initial project by Kirkby High School.

Through consultation with school councils, staff and Headteachers we are whittling down our agreed set of values.

We are keen to find out what you feel are the most important attributes you would like to see reflected in a Kirkby Child as you come across them outside of school, at home and in the community.

Your top 5 – 8 would be really useful for us to hear. They could be from above or they could be others you feel we haven’t covered.

Could parents or carers highlight their top values and return to school.

Regards School Council