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Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Plan

Review frequency: Yearly and publish Information annually

Approval: Governing body.

DFE Statutory policies for schools

Advice on the policies and documents that governing bodies and proprietors of schools are required to  by law September 2014

At Kirkby Church of England Primary School, we set out to ensure that the Equality and Diversity Act 2010 supports the removal of barriers in every area of school life for disabled children and adults. This aim is also underpinned by the school’s Mission Statement and other policies that ensure that every young person, their families and also employees are given equality of opportunity to develop socially, work, participate and learn.


The school’s vision is to:

The Accessibility Plan will:

The school has identified other policies that support the implementation of the Accessibility Plan:

The Accessibility Plan is set out in three key areas and will be monitored by the staff, SMT and Governing Body each year and revised on an annual basis.

Three key areas will support the school in improving access.

Key Areas:-

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1. Physical Environment;

2. Access to curriculum and learning;

3. Access to written information;

Short, Medium and Long Term Plans (Click)

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