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credits, (full attendance of 7 clubs), equates to a Silver medal and 45 credits, (full attendance of 9 clubs) results in a Gold medal being awarded. Every child who attends at least 5 times, (full attendance of 1 club), will receive a certificate.

The Street Dance Group, wowed the crowds in Kirkby Town Centre with not one but two outstanding ‘Flash Mob’ performances. They also performed with the Kirkby MAFIA dance group at our school Greenfields festival.

All Sports Clubs are facilitated by Mr Phil Daley, an ex-professional footballer with many years of experience.

Creative Crafts club is facilitated by Becki, a Level 3 Early Years in Education student, who has two years experience of working with children,.

Cookery Club is facilitated by myself, my mother Flo and our own Miss Tinsley.

Street Dance is facilitated by Mr Alan Pugh, Alan runs the W.I.K.E.D. dance school.

iPads Club is facilitated by Gary Melia from CLC.

All coaching staff are fully D.B.S. checked.

Many Thanks,

Elaine Parr.

Extended Services Co-ordinator.

Activity Aces - After School Clubs

Activity Aces

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Activity Aces Timetable

Activity Aces Form Sept-Oct 18

Activity Aces Action 2017

Activity Aces Gold, Silver, Bronze 2018

Activity Aces Form

10th September 2018.

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school. I hope that you have all enjoyed a lovely Summer Break.Next week we begin the Activity Aces Clubs for this year.

Last year we had over 170 children receive an attendance certificate. Over 100 children were also presented with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, which I am sure you will agree, is absolutely fantastic !!!!

Every time a child attends a club they are awarded a credit. By the end of the school year, those children who have accrued 25 credits (full attendance of 5 clubs), will receive a bronze medal. 35