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Charging and Remissions Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy



This document is a statement of the aims, principles and strategies in respect of

Charging for School Activities.

It is in accordance with Government legislation and emanates from the School’s

Mission Statement. Furthermore, it accords with the School’s Equal Opportunities policy.


The Governing Body recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including excursions, residential experiences and clubs can make towards personal and social education and aims to promote and provide such activities both as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils of the School and as additional activities.


1. Projects and pursuits requiring additional funding are regarded as an integral aspect of the corporate life of the School.

2. Pupils will not be debarred from school time activities as a consequence of their parent’s inability to finance their participation.


1. The school will make some charges for routine activities, which occur wholly, or mainly within the school hours.

2. The financing of special educational visits of a specific or general nature that take place whether in or out of School but within the School timetable, will rely entirely upon voluntary contributions from parents.

3. The School will cancel any planned venture if the uptake is insufficient and therefore, financially not viable.

4. No child will be disadvantaged or excluded from any activity because parents refuse or are unable to make a voluntary contribution.

5. When activities that do require extra financing are planned, parents will receive advance notice of the event including details of voluntary contributions.

6. The School will, when advertising a specific activity, request parents to signal their intention, usually on a pro- forma, whether or not they wish their child to participate and whether or not they are willing to make a voluntary contribution.

7. In the event of the visit being a whole day’s duration, pupils in receipt school meals will be provided with packed lunches.

8. The School will maintain detailed records of income and expenditure in respect of

all education visits.


9. Charges will be made for some educational activities that occur outside school hours.

Optional Activities

1. When optional activities are arranged, these will take place wholly or mainly outside school hours. Participation in any optional activity will be on the basis of parental choice and a willingness to meet such charges incurred.

2. In the event of a residential visit being arranged. Parents will be given advanced notice.

Instrumental Tuition

The school currently offers instrumental tuition to pupils at Key Stage 2 under a Service Level Agreement paid by the school.


The school organises swimming lessons for all children in Years 1-6.  These take place in school time and are part of the National Curriculum.  We make no charge for this activity.  We inform parents when these lessons are to take place and we ask written permission for their child to take part in swimming lessons.

Club Activities

Extra-curricula clubs operate at various periods during the academic year as part of our Activity Aces clubs.

Clubs include a variety of sport and dance activities, art and crafts, cookery and computing.

Charges per session will be for educational activities that occur outside school hours, this is due to specialist teachers being used.

Class Fund

We operate a voluntary class fund where parents are encouraged to pay £1 per week and in return their child will receive snack at morning break.  In addition any surplus funds can be contributed to class trips in order to subsidise the cost, or used to provide weekly rewards for the class.

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