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E-Safety for Parents 2017

E-Safety for Parents

Wednesday 3rd May


 As part of our ongoing programme of Internet and E-safety work, we are offering a short session for parents and adults. The after school session will be a follow up to the work the children are doing in school with experts from Knowsley CLC.

Gary Melia from Knowsley CLC will be running the session ably assisted by Mr. Woods. We will cover topics such as online safety, cyber bullying and privacy.

This is a fantastic opportunity too good to miss. No previous skills will be required. The Internet is an unbelievable resource but we need to be careful on how we use it. We need to teach our children how to look after themselves.

Crèche facilities will be available. Sign up and be safe online.


I _______________ (name),

Class _____ (child’s class) wish to attend the very excellent E-Safety session on:

Wednesday 3rd May


I will require crèche facilities (tick) ____

Please return to your class teacher as soon as possible.

E-Safety pdf doc