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E-Safety Tips

Rules for Responsible Internet Use

The school has installed network computers (PC / iPads) and Internet access to help our learning. These rules will keep everyone safe and help us to be fair to others:

  1. I will ask permission from a member of staff before using the Internet if that permission has not been granted to the class or group.
  2. I will use only my own login and password, which I will keep secret; the only exception being when I’m sharing a computer or iPad with a partner.
  3. I will not access other people’s log in details, files or private information;
  4. I will use the computers only for approved activities, school work and homework;
  5. I will not bring iPads, tablet computers, mobile phones or USB pens (or any other data carrying device) into school without permission;
  6. I will only e-mail / text / contact people I know or my teacher has approved;
  7. The messages I send will be polite, respectful and sensible;
  8. I will not give my home address, phone number or any private details,
  9. I will not arrange to meet someone, unless my parent, carer or teacher has given permission;
  10. I will ask for permission before opening an e-mail or an e-mail attachment sent by someone I do not know;
  11. To help protect other pupils and myself, I will tell a teacher if I see anything I am unhappy with or I receive messages I do not like;
  12. I understand that the school may check my computer files and may monitor the Internet sites I visit;
  13. I understand that if I deliberately break these rules, I could be stopped from using the Internet or computers.

Top Internet Tips

1. People you don’t know are strangers. They are not always who they say they are.

2. Keep your private information private.

3. Be nice to people on the computer like you would in the playground.

4. If you are unsure, you should tell a grown-up you trust.