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George Howarth MP Visit

Supporting British Values at Kirkby C of E Primary

Visit from George Howarth MP 28/4/17

Today we had a visit from a Knowsley MP George Howarth and local councillor Jane Maxfield. They were keen to visit our youngest children in Reception/Nursery class seeing their indoor/outdoor learning taking place along with their ongoing interest in conservation and wildlife. The children demonstrated their interest in growing ‘organic’ fruit and vegetables along with the ‘maze’ for problem solving and singing the days of the week, our daily ‘maths mastery’ song!


We went on to visit our older children in upper Key Stage 2 Class 8 were they had a fantastic range of questions prepared for a Q &A session. George was welcomed by the children and the session commenced. One of our children displayed his interest in becoming an MP for his future career and George encouraged him to become an active member of the community to see different aspects of life.

George and Jane were so impressed with their visit to school they left a very positive comment in the visitors book displaying their joy of meeting the children and staff.

We are very grateful of the time George and Jane spent in Kirkby C of E School and hope they will return again.

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