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Dogs on the School Playground

Could I again remind parents that dogs of any kind are not permitted on school playgrounds and fields. Apart from the obvious fouling issues, some children are genuinely uncomfortable around dogs and we want to ensure the school grounds are a safe place for all children.

Thank you for your assistance.

Names in Uniforms

The children have returned to school looking immaculate. However it is a time of year when items of uniforms get misplaced. Please make sure that your child’s name is somewhere on all their items of clothing including shoes. Many thanks.


Please do not park over the driveway entrances of our neighbours on Millbrook Drive.

Split Families

As always at Kirkby CE we endeavour to keep you informed about your children’s progress and well being. If you are members of a split family please inform us if you require separate appointments on Review Day, End of Year Reports and any/all written communications from the school/class.

Please remember that most school information can be found on the website / school app / Twitter. If you require dual information please contact us and we will act upon this.

Online Fraud

Online fraud is on the rise so here is a really useful guide. It includes advice about avoiding the latest scams and how to report any suspicious activity.

 Online fraud guide:

BBC Guide Click Here

Kirkby Church of England Primary School is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.

Please Do Not Cycle On The Playgrounds

It has come to our attention that a small number of children are cycling (or on scooters) on the school playgrounds. Can I ask that children do not cycle on the school playgrounds but dismount before entering the playgrounds.

As ever, thank you for your cooperation.

School Car Park

Please do not use the school car park for dropping off.

If you use a taxi to come to school ask the taxi driver not to drop you off in the school car park.

Smoking By The School Gates

As you already know, smoking is not allowed on the school premises and we appreciate your cooperation.

However could I ask that there is no smoking in or around the school gates, outside the school, when children are coming to and from school.

Passive smoking is always a concern and I’m sure, as ever, you will appreciate our concerns.

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