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Kirkby Scibar - Science Social Club

Scibar- It’s science in a social club! - Next Meeting

Kirkby SciBar – Holy Angels Social Club, Sydney Powell Avenue, L32 0TP, next door to St Michael and All Angels Catholic Primary School.

Tuesday 17th July  from 7.00pm – 9.00pm (accessible and suitable for older primary school children and all ages above – basically from 10 to 110 !!! )

Life in the age of fake feet: How did the human foot evolve and how can we build better prostheses (artificial limbs) – with Dr Kristiaan D’Aout – Liverpool University

When we walk or stand, our feet are the only point of contact with the world and feet are to us what tyres are to Formula One racers. Without good feet, we struggle to balance or to walk or run efficiently. Unfortunately many of us have foot problems or even missing legs or feet. In this talk we will explore where our feet come from, and understand how a healthy foot works. We will look at questions like – Does our daily footwear have an impact on our feet? How can we make better artificial limbs (prostheses)?

SciBars are simply science in a bar or a Social Club. Every month we bring you a different scientist who leads a discussion about their research. Come and enjoy a drink and a lively scientific discussion at the Kirkby SciBar.You don’t need to know any science at all. Enquiring minds are particularly welcome.

Kirkby SciBar is part of the North West Branch of the British Science Association and meets on the third Tuesday of every month in Holy Angels Social Club, Sydney Powell Avenue, L32 0TP in Westvale.

Kirkby SciBar is run by local volunteers.

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