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Mrs. Woodham - A Message

Dear Parents / Carers,

Hi, just thought I’d send a note further to Miss Hindmarsh’s announcement on the Newsletter regarding my retirement this week.

It’s not a decision reached lightly. I’ve taught at K.C.E since 1983 in every year group, and I loved every minute in the classroom (well, maybe not those when the Ofsted inspectors have been in).

It will be a huge wrench to leave and I will miss you all terribly. Kirkby is often much maligned in the media, but I have found it to be a place full of heart and none more so than at our wonderful school. I know I will miss everything about the school, mostly your fabulous children who astound me every day with their great observations, humour and contributions to lessons. Make no mistake, some can be challenging but who wants a class of angels? Not I. So, I want to thank you the parents /carers and families for all your wonderful support.

You may know that I reached a milestone birthday last week. My husband is older than I and has already retired. Thus, we feel we need to go and have adventures while we are still reasonably fit and able to do so. I want to refresh my painting and drawing skills, I have been driving friends and family crazy asking for ideas to add to my ‘60’ list. As I know I will miss school (bound to after 35 years) I want to try five new things each month over the next twelve months, to help take my mind off it. If I was more techno-minded I’d probably record it all on You Tube, Nah! I’ll keep a scrap book.

I do waffle on, sorry. Many thanks once again for being there, with very Best Wishes to you all,

Kim Woodham

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