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Parents into Classrooms!

Parents into Classrooms 1

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“Great lesson. The children really enjoyed the different ways of learning.”

 “Today was really good to see how the kids work.”

“I got to see how my child is taught and also learn a few things myself.”

 “Really enjoyed the lesson.”

“It was great to see the structure of the morning …”

“Had a great time.”

“A really great insight as to how my granddaughter’s lessons are conducted.”

“It was good to see so many parents turn up and all joining in together.”

“Good support shown to all pupils …”

“A lovely chance to see the children learning.”

“Would recommend to do this on a regular basis …”

“I enjoyed all the enthusiasm brought to the room …”

“I enjoyed the quick maths at the start.”

“it’s an awful lot different from my days in school.”

“… I would love to do it more often if possible.”

“I probably learnt more in this hour than eleven years at school.”

“It has given me a better idea of how lessons are delivered.”

“I enjoyed spending time in the class and getting to see what the children are learning in class.”

“The lesson structure has given me an idea of how better to support with homework.”

“Lesson was fun, children were very well behaved and engaged.”

“Very nice to see what kids are learning.”

“It was useful to see the different methods the children use maths as this helps parents support homework.”

“Learnt a little too. Bonus!”

“Really enjoyed today’s session.”

“Lovely to see how much the children enjoy their lesson.”

“They all seem to have fun while learning, which is great.”

“Found the class really interesting.”

“Enjoyed the lesson and would attend again if organised.”

“I feel more involved now.”

“Nice bright stimulating classroom. Would like to spend the day here!”

“Very interesting. Really enjoyed the lesson.”

“The hour went for too fast.”

“Great opportunity for all parents.”

“It was good to see technology being used, it was blackboard and chalk in my day.”

“I was surprised how much they knew.”

“I like watching the interaction with friends.”

“I found the lesson to be really insightful.”

“I really enjoyed coming into the lesson today.”

“It’s given me good ideas of how to work better at home and make it more fun.”

“I learnt a lot too.”

Parents into Classrooms!

A massive thank you to all the parents / grandparents who attended the “Parents into Classrooms” sessions. I think you will agree, from the selection of parent’s comments below, that it was a great success. We look forward to the next session.