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SEN Parent Information

SEN Policy

Equality Statement

Equality Statement Action Plan

Accessibility Plan

Accessibity Plan Short, Medium and Long Term

Accessibillity Environment, Curriculum, Written Info

School Uniform

School Uniform Individual Items

PE Kit

PE Kit Days

Kirkby CE Learners’ Code Video

Kirkby CE Learners’ Code Words

Code of Conduct for Parents

Free School Meals

School Dinner Menu

Ideas for Healthy Packed Lunches

Parents into Classrooms 2015-2016

Parents into Classrooms 2016-17

Parents into Classrooms March 2017

Parents & Children Cookery

Parents into Classrooms KS2 Pictures - October 17

Parents into Classrooms KS1 Pictures - October 17

Parents into Classrooms Feb 18

Parents into Classrooms Oct 18 Pictures

Parents into Classrooms Jan 19 Pictures

Knowsley Borough Council SEND Advice

Knowsley Borough Council can also offer advice and support regarding SEND.

Knowsley Local Offer is available on www.knowsleyinfo.co.uk


This offer is accurate now, but services are regularly reviewed and could change.

All information will be updated as soon as possible to reflect any new service

offer. This service offer is intended to give you clear, accurate and accessible

information. If you would like to comment on the content of the offer or make

suggestions to improve the information, please contact

Knowsley Family Information Service        

Email: fis@knowsley.gov.uk

Call us:  0151 443 3247

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