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Reading with the Halifax

Reading with the Halifax (updated with extra pictures)

‘Had the pleasure of spending time with some of the most amazing, polite, friendly and funny children this morning. The children read some of their favourite books to us and I have to say, their enthusiasm & reading was outstanding. I had some great conversations with the children, which varied from their school life, their favourite time of the week at school, their siblings and their plans with their friends. The children completely immersed themselves into the books as if they were a character, for example it was their Uncle driving the fast car, which we decided was a Tesla.

The children are an absolute credit to every single parent/guardian & teacher in Kirkby C of E Primary School and I feel well and truly blessed to have spent time in such a wonderful school, with equally wonderful children & teachers.


The children were delighted when I informed them we will be back next Thursday at the same time and I am excited to see them again – what a wonderful morning!


Thanks CofE’