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Reception: Anaphylactic Shock Letter Anaphylactic Shock Training

Reception: Anaphylactic Shock Letter

14th September 2017

Dear Parents & Carers,

We are writing to you to inform you about and highlight a very important health issue that affects one of our children in the Reception Class and impacts on how we do certain things in school.

The little one concerned suffers with severe allergies and as a result if they come into contact with dairy, eggs and nuts could go into anaphylactic shock.  At C of E we pride ourselves on keeping your children safe and happy and we are sure you will agree that we need to do everything in our power to prevent this happening.  In school, we have put procedures and preventions in place but we also need your help.

Unfortunately, we cannot have birthday cake in the Reception Class as it poses too much of a risk.  However, you can send in party bags if you wish when it is your child’s birthday.

We want to eliminate lunch time risk as far as possible.  Can we request if your Reception Class child has a packed lunch that they do not bring in any nuts (we had a little one on Wednesday that had a bag of nuts in their lunch box) these pose an extremely high risk of anaphylactic shock.


Thanking you in anticipation of your continued support.

Kind regards

Reception Class Staff