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Reception: Weekly Diary

Reception: Weekly Diary Monday 8th May2018



Bank Holiday - School Closed


Return to school today

Class Fund £1.00

(named purse/wallet/envelope)

Homework due in (Learning Logs)

Please encourage your child to write in pencil about their bank holiday weekend in their Learning Logs.




Mrs Wheelan and Miss Holden our wonderful student teachers are leaving for their full time jobs in another school. We wish them well with their future careers as educationalists.

‘Stay & Play’ 9.05 -10.00 today. Book on!!!


Notice: Trip to The Ice Cream Farm 22/5/18 balance to be paid by the 14/5/18.

‘Stay and Play’ one more session 18/5/18 - Book your place!

Weekly Homework – Please see attached!

Learning Logs – We are pleased to see a larger amount of children participating in this weekly activity (Well done to those who have returned their ‘Learning Log’ and they will receive a reward from the ‘Happy Box’.

School Uniform – We have noticed lots of children wearing trainers – this proves very difficult for your child when they are changing for P.E, outdoor play etc. Can your child please wear school shoes on a daily basis.