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Roy Morton - Former Pupil

Roy Morton - Former Pupil

It was with great delight that the school has received an email from former pupil Roy Morton, down in Cornwall. Roy attended school around 1960 and has sent us a class picture complete with names.

Are you on that picture?

Here is what Roy has been up to.

My introduction to the mining industry came when I landed a job fitting mineral processing machinery to a mine mill.

From there I became interested in the history and then went on to exploring the abandoned tin and copper mines.

This in turn lead me to being involved with the formation of a rescue team dedicated to rescuing people, and animals from the thousands of shafts and tunnels that litter the Cornish countryside.

The group ran for 21 years and we awarded two medals, The Queens Golden Jubilee Medal and the RSPCA silver gallantry medal.

I still like to go underground whenever I can find the time, and like nothing better than to take the camera for some underground photography.

I think back with fondness at my time at the CE and the staff I remember; Miss Halliday, Mrs French, Mrs McArthy and of course Mr Irlam.

My brother Clive went to both the old and the new school when it opened.

History Photo 1960