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School Prospectus

Kirkby Church of England Primary School

Headteacher:    Miss Mair Hindmarsh

Address:           Hall Lane


                          L32 1TZ

Telephone:       0151 477 8510

Fax:                   0151 477 8511

Email:              kirkbyce@knowsley.gov.uk

Website:         http://kirkbyce.webplus.net

Twitter:           @KirkbyCofE      https://twitter.com/KirkbyCofE

Chair of Governors:   Reverend  Jeremy Fagan

Address:                     27 Shakespeare Avenue,



        L32 9SH.
        0151 547 2133

Local Education Authority: Knowsley Children and Family Services

Executive Director:  Maria Taylor – Director of Learning and Young People

Address:          Education Office

                         Huyton Hey Road



                         L36 5YH

Telephone:     0151 489 6000

The school operates a no-smoking policy

Our School

Kirkby Church of England Primary School is the oldest established school in Kirkby. For the past two hundred years, our school community has provided a Christian based education to the children of Kirkby. In 2006 the school celebrated its bicentennial anniversary.

The original building was part of the church before being moved to its new site in 1806 at the corner of Roughwood Drive and County Road. In 1967 the school moved to our present position

We are a Church of England Voluntary Aided School of approximately 245 full time children and 52 part time nursery children. As a primary school, children can progress effectively from joining us at the age of three in the Nursery, through the Foundation stage and then into Key Stages 1 and 2.

The Governors and Staff hope that both the children and parents will look upon our school as a friendly and welcoming place where governors, staff, children and parents work together as a team for the benefit of our children and our community.

Mission Statement

Kirkby Church of England Primary School aims to develop every child in a positive learning environment. We recognise all their qualities and celebrate individuality. By working alongside families, we aim to maximise each child’s academic and social potential through building solid foundations for a successful future.

Aims of Kirkby C of E Primary School

We will ensure that each child has full access to a relevant, progressive and differentiated curriculum.

We aim to provide a secure and caring environment where children can develop their full potential emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, physically and morally.

We aim to foster Christian attitudes of respect, honesty, consideration, team spirit and tolerance which will enable the children to take their place in society.

All members of the school community are equally entitled to opportunities irrespective of race, gender, creed, cultural or material background, intellectual ability or physical ability.

We seek to fully involve parents and carers as partners in the education of the children. We see the school as an integral part of the church and the community that we live in.

We aim to foster a structured attitude towards learning, self-motivation and high expectations in all members of the school community.

Code of Conduct

Rules and Discipline

The school places a major emphasis on consideration and respect for the individual and others. School rules are based on “consideration” and “rights”:

We encourage children to act co-operatively, taking pride in the group’s achievements and to be responsible for their own actions. We have systems to reward good behaviour, attendance, punctuality and good work.

Admission policy

Full information regarding admission to Nursery is available in the booklet ‘Knowsley Nursery Education Provision’ and the relevant application form is contained within it. This is available from:

Directorate of Children’s Services,

Huyton Hey Road,


L36 5YH



The Knowsley Sure Start Team can also assist at

The Early Years Centre,

c/o Mosscoft School,

Bedford Close,


L36 1XH

Freephone: 0800-085-20202


There is no automatic transfer from nursery to reception class and attending our nursery class does not guarantee or give priority for a place in our reception class.

Full information regarding admission to reception class is available in the booklet ‘Knowsley Primary Education Admissions’ available in the school office. There is an application form contained within it or applications can be submitted online.


The School Structure

Foundation Stage (3-5 years) – F1, F2.

Part time (half a day sessions-morning or afternoon) in the Nursery (F1). Full time in the reception class (F2).

Both classes are staffed with class teachers and teaching assistants

The Foundation stage is designed around the children learning through focused play activities. It aims to lay the foundations for the rest of the child’s education by developing key skills and independence.

Key Stage 1 – (5–7 yrs.). Years 1 Year 1/2, Year 2.

Children work through Key Stage One of the National Curriculum. Children are then tested at the end of Yr. 2 using both nationally set end of Key Stage tests and teacher assessment.

Key Stage 2 – (7-11 yrs.). Years 3, Year 3/4, Year 5, Year 6.

Children work through Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum. Children are then tested at the end of Year 6 using nationally set end of Key Stage tests and teacher assessments.

Each Key Stage has some mixed age classes (structure set out below) for registration and the foundation subjects taught in the afternoon. The children in KS2 are streamed by ability for Maths and English, which are taught in the mornings; thus, ensuring that all children’s individual needs are addressed and appropriate challenge is in place.

Class Structure


Class 1 mixed Year 1

Class 2 mixed Year 1 and Year 2

Class 3 mixed Year 2

Lower KS2

Class 4 mixed Year 3 and Year 4

Class 5 mixed Year 3 and Year 4

Class 6 mixed Year 3 and Year 4

Upper KS2

Class 7 mixed Year 5 and Year 6

Class 8 mixed Year 5 and Year 6

Class 9 mixed Year 5 and Year 6

Transition to Secondary Schools

Full information regarding admission arrangements for each year is available in the Secondary ‘Information for Parents’ booklet. Copies of the booklet are available from the:

Inclusion Team (Admissions),

Directorate of Children and Family Services,

EDC 2,

219 Knowsley Lane,



L36 8HW

Telephone 443 5733/5697/5708,


Also, available from Knowsley One Stop Shops, Libraries and the school office.

Please note that admission arrangements are reviewed each year and may be altered.

The School Day

Foundation Nursery

Morning Session:        8:30 am – 11.30 am

Afternoon Session:   12.30 pm – 3.30 pm


Start:        8:50 am

Lunchtime:  11.45 pm – 1:15 pm

Finish:            3.15 pm

Key Stage 1

Start KS1:      8.50 am

Morning Break:   10.20 am – 10.35 am

Lunch KS1:   12.00 am – 1.15 pm

Afternoon Break:  2.15 pm – 2.25 pm

Finish KS1:   3.15 pm

Key Stage 2

Start KS2:    8.55 am

(except Classes 4 & 5 @ 8:50 am)

Morning Break:   10.20 am – 10.35 am

Lunch KS2:   12.15 pm – 1.15 pm

Afternoon Break:  2.15 pm – 2.25 pm

Finish KS2:   3.20 pm

(except Classes 4 & 5 @ 3:15 pm)

Attendance and Punctuality

If your child is absent due to illness, medical or dental appointments please contact school (0151477 8510), or send a message via the School App (absence tab).

Leave of Absence

From 1 September 2013 The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 amends the 2006 Regulations and makes clear that Head Teachers may not grant leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances

Leave of Absence

In exceptional circumstances Kirkby CE will consider a request for leave of absence for one period of absence during the academic year. The Head Teacher or person designated by the Head Teacher will determine what are considered to be exceptional circumstances

The following are examples of exceptional circumstances:

To allow a pupil to return to their country of origin for family, religious or cultural reasons

Unavoidable circumstances e.g. the parent/carer has inflexible leave allocation and this has been confirmed by the employer.

There has been bereavement or serious illness in the family and a leave of absence is deemed appropriate.

Leave of absence connected to children of service personnel.

5. Additional Information

Parents/carers will be required to complete a leave of absence request form available from the school office and return it to school.

Where possible parents/carers should submit the request 4 weeks prior to the date of the leave absence.

Parents/carers may be required to attend an interview with the head teacher to discuss their request for a leave of absence.

Parents/carers will normally be notified of the outcome of their application for a leave of absence within 10 school days of the date of the application.

If the leave of absence is not agreed by the school, but the pupil is absent on the requested dates, the absence will be recorded as ‘O’ this will mean that the absence has been recorded on the school attendance register as unauthorised.

Where a pupil is absent from school without permission of the school, the parent/carer of the pupil may be issued with a £60.00 Penalty Notice per parent per child. If the notice remains unpaid after 21 days, the penalty increases to £120.00. If the notice remains unpaid after 28 days, the Local Authority may commence proceedings under section 444(1) of the 1996 Education Act in the Magistrates Court.

We also consider punctuality to be very important- not only as a skill for future life, but persistent lateness leads to a child missing important teaching input. Children are considered late in KS1 at 8.55am and 9.00 a.m. in KS2 (8:55 a.m. for Classes 4 and 5). Any arrivals after these times must report to the school office.

Christian Schools and Religious Education

The Christian foundation of our school is an important aspect of school life. The religious teaching is in accordance with the agreed syllabus of the Diocese of Liverpool. (Parents, can if they wish opt out of the syllabus but they must request this in writing to the Headteacher).

Children attend an assembly three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with further daily reflection in class. We celebrate a range of religious festivals in St Chad’s Church throughout the year.


The curriculum taught throughout school enables all children to experience the requirements of the National Curriculum. The school seeks to extend opportunities for children through extra curriculum activities, educational visits, visiting groups, residential opportunities, and using the help, support and skills of the parents and local community. The curriculum aims to satisfy the children’s needs, challenging their abilities and preparing them for further stages of development.

The children follow the National Curriculum programmes of study for all the:

The relevant programmes of study and success criteria are clearly identified in the planning, recording and assessment work.

We use a variety of teaching styles and techniques. The children are encouraged to work in a variety of situations either independently, with a partner, in small groups or as a class.

Each class has its own class teacher who will undertake the majority of the teaching. All classes also have a teaching assistant attached to them, who under the guidance of the teacher works with small groups.

Equal opportunities are implicit in all our teaching.

Teaching Work  

The hours spent on teaching during a normal week at our school are listed below. They exclude the statutory daily acts of collective worship, registration and lunch breaks. These are based on the DFES (Department for Education and Science) recommended hours.

Age    Recommended  Kirkby C of E

5-7    21 Hours   22.25 Hours

7-11    23.5 Hours   23.75 Hours


Education in our school is free. The law clearly prohibits us for charging for educational activities that take place in school during the day except for residential visits.

The Governing Body supports and recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including visits and residential experiences can make towards a pupil’s personal and social education.

The Governing Body supports the programme of additional activities organised by teachers as they form a major part of the curriculum and urges parents to take advantage of them. In all cases teachers will advise parents of the cost of the activity and request a voluntary contribution. However, it is stressed that unless parents are willing to contribute towards cost, events cannot go ahead.

‘After School’ activities

There are numerous after school activities under the name of “Activity Aces”. Letters are sent out each term with the available activities. These can include: Football, Various Sports, After School Church, Cookery, Street Dance, iPad Club, Board Games, Arts and Crafts

The latest information is available at http://kirkbyce.webplus.net and follow the “Activity Aces” link.

Contact / Medical Information

 Early in the school year the children will bring home a “Contact / Information Sheet”. It is essential that this is filled in and returned to school as soon as possible. It provides the school with vital information.

 Any subsequent changes to addresses, phone numbers, doctors, medical conditions etc. should be told to the school as soon as possible to update the records.

Where an activity requires the children to leave the school site for a “school trip” the parents or guardian must complete and sign and return the appropriate permission slips and emergency forms. We cannot take children on these “school trips” without the permission / medical slips being signed.

Sex Education

Sex education is part of the personal and social education curriculum.

The delivery of the curriculum is appropriate to each stage of the child’s development. Sex education will be presented within the context of family life, of loving relationships, of respect for other and responsibility for self, all based within a moral framework.

Children in Years 5 and 6 will work with local health visitors and their class teacher on more specific aspects of puberty and adolescence. Parents may discuss and view the materials with the class teacher or school health visitor prior to the lessons.

Parents are asked to support us in our endeavours to maintain the levels of very good behaviour. If a child persistently fails to meet these standards, sanctions will be used, following set procedures to deal with persistent misbehaviour.


All children wear uniform.

All clothing should be marked with the child’s name.

Children in the nursery can wear black track suit bottoms and a royal blue v necked sweatshirt of cardigan.

Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore dress.

Royal blue “v” necked sweatshirt or cardigan preferably with school badge (KS1)

Royal blue “v” necked woollen jumper or cardigan preferably with school badge (KS2)

White polo shirt (KS1)

White shirt (KS2)

White or grey socks.

Plain royal blue tie(KS2)

Sensible black shoes (sensible white shoe in summer)

KS2 children are allowed to wear a white polo shirt in the summer term.

Light blue and white gingham summer dress.

PE Clothing

Black plimsolls. Training shoes are allowed for outdoor PE.

White tee shirt

Royal blue or black shorts

Tracksuit and trainers for winter months

KS2 and Y2 children will require swimwear

Girls: one piece swim suit, bathing cap

Boys: swimming trunks (not shorts)

Jewellery and Hair Accessories

Children should not wear jewellery for school, this includes necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings or studs.

Hair accessories should be non-obtrusive.

Nail varnish should not be worn.

Clothing Grant

Parents may be entitled to receive School Clothing and Education Maintenance Allowances.

Forms can be collected from the school office and sent to the Benefits Agency.


Children should not bring valuables to school. Whilst we endeavour to make school as secure and safe as possible we cannot accept liability for any losses.

Our insurance covers governors, staff and pupils for all third-party liabilities but does not cover any loss or injury sustained in school.

It is the parents/staff responsibility to make such arrangements if they so wish.

We do however take out additional insurance to cover both pupil and staff whenever we take children out of the school on visits.

Lunch Time

We have Healthy School’s status and the school lunches served from our kitchen are based on this.  

All children have their lunch at school.

School Meals

Most children buy food from the cash cafeteria. The menu changes each day but includes:

Main course


Snack on toast

Choice of sandwiches



Salad and wholemeal bread is freely available from the salad bar

Children should bring their money in a purse or wallet, marked with their name.

Children who are entitled to a “free meal” can choose up to the value of £1.70 each day. Additional items can be paid for.

Packed Lunches

Packed lunches should be packed in a plastic container and drinks should be in a carton or plastic bottle. Please ensure that drinks are not fizzy.

Glass bottles are not permitted.

Please ensure your child has a balanced meal - sweets are not permitted and it is suggested that children bring a maximum of 1 biscuit based chocolate bar.

All children eat together in the hall.

Drinking Water

Children need to drink sufficient water each day to ensure healthy brain and body growth. Therefore, we encourage all children to bring to school a small, clear plastic bottle that can be re- filled with fresh water.  


Children in Foundation Years and KS1 receive free milk and fruit each day. Children in KS2 receive a snack every morning.

Class Fund

We ask for a weekly voluntary contribution of £1.00 to finance the purchase of snack, (as well as other essential classroom items) and particularly the subsidising of out of school trips.

Consultation with Parents

Parents and teachers meet on a daily basis, most discussions or queries being handled on an informal basis at the beginning or the end of the day.

If you would like to speak in more depth with the class teacher please feel free to approach them and make an appointment.

The Headteacher operates an open-door policy and is available to see parents at most times. If she is unable the Deputy Heads will be pleased to speak to parents if they so wish.

Formal review days are held twice a year, in November and April. Children and parents attend a 5-minute meeting with the class teacher to discuss progress made, set further targets for learning and how we can collaboratively help their child.

A written report is sent to parents, summarising their child’s progress in July.


We believe that building strong relationships with parents is crucial to the children achieving their goals. Parents play a central role in their children’s education. Many parents contribute directly to the work of the school by sharing their skills by helping school.

Through our school website: http://kirkbyce.webplus.net we inform parents of most of the activities which occur in school. We also have a termly School Newsletter which gives parents the opportunity to make suggestions regarding all aspects of school life.


Homework is given as appropriate to the age range and follows government guidelines. The expectation for reading is that each child reads at home every day and brings their reading book to school on the correct day.  It is also vital that children read a variety of books in addition to the school reading scheme.


Please speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance or contact the Headteacher.

School operates a complaints procedure and this is readily available on request.

If you feel the need for further action, then contact the Chairperson of the Governors.

If you are not satisfied by the response of the Governors concerning the discharge of their functions, then you can contact the Local Education Authority.

Kirkby C of E is a popular school that always strives to provide the best education for the children of the 21st Century. We are always happy to meet parents who want a place and a visit to the school. Contact the school administrator to arrange a visit.

If you want to know more ask the school office.

Ring: Mrs Diane Wilson on 0151 477 8510

Or contact:  

Kirkby C of E Primary School

     Hall Lane



     L32 1TZ

Governing Body

Chairperson:  Reverend Jeremy Fagan

Vice Chair:   Paul Collins

Headteacher:  Mair Hindmarsh

The Governing Body is constituted from our school community with associate, teaching and non-teaching governors; LEA governors, community governors; foundation governors and parent governors. The current Governing Body can be obtained from Caroline Collins, clerk to the Governors.

Kirkby C of E Staff

Kirkby C of E Staff

Headteacher Mair Hindmarsh

Deputy Head Simon Woods

Class - Teaching Staff

Nursery - Michelle Hastings

Reception - Sue Wavell

Reception - Lisa McPhillips

Class 1 - Sarah Melville

Class 1 - Jenny Dwyer

Class 2 - Emma Parr

Class 3- Collette Keegan

Class 4 - D’reen Williams

Class 5 - Simon Woods

Class 6 -  Lyndsey Cashman

Class 7 - David Tennant

Class 8 - Dale Mawson

Class 9 - Sue Bannister

PPA Cover - Amanda O’Hare

Learning Mentor Kate Knox

Teaching Assistants

Lynn Crighton

Wendy Scott

Pauline White

Sue Smith

Suzanne McCrossan

Laura Burgan

Jayne Burgan-Costello

Nadine Maxwell

Anne Schumacher

Kerry Dunphy

Adele Hampson

Elaine Parr

Jenny Campbell

Nicola Tynsley

Kerrie Brown

Site Manager Paul Wilson

Administrator Diane Wilson

Admin Assistant Jean Williams

After school Activities Coordinator

Elaine Parr

Kitchen Staff

Pat Neely

Kayleigh Wilkinson

Carla Davies

Pauline Hilditch

Cleaning Staff

Pauline Hilditch

Pat Murphy

Jeanette Evans


Parents Prospectus