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The Staff

Kirkby C of E Staff

Headteacher  Mair Hindmarsh

Deputy Head Simon Woods

Class - Teaching Staff

Nursery - Michelle Hastings

Reception - Sue Wavell

Reception - Lisa McPhillips

Class 1 - Sarah Melville

Class 1 - Jenny Dwyer

Class 2 - Andrew Harvey

Class 3- Collette Keegan

Class 4 - D’reen Williams

Class 5 - Simon Woods

Class 6 -  Lyndsey Cashman

Class 7 - David Tennant

Class 8 - Dale Mawson

Class 9 - Sue Bannister

Many Classes - Amanda O’Hare

Learning Mentor Kate Knox

Teaching Assistants

Lynn Crighton

Wendy Scott

Pauline White

Sue Smith

Suzanne McCrossan

Laura Burgan

Jayne Burgan

Nadine Maxwell

Anne Schumacher

Kerry Dunphy

Adele Hampson

Doreen McIntyre

Jenny Campbell

Nicola Tynsley

Doreen McIntyre

Kerrie Brown

Site Manager  Paul Wilson

Administrator  Diane Wilson

Admin Assistant Jean Williams

After school Activities Coordinator

Elaine Parr

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