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Reception: Weekly Diary

Reception: Weekly Diary 2nd May



Bank Holiday  (school closed)

We have been learning about St George the Patron Saint of England. The children have made shields to represent the protection St George gave to us. We have been busy problem solving in the outdoor area when a maze was created! (see website pictures)

We have been visited by George Howarth (former MP of Knowsley to display our interest in conservation for local wildlife and healthy living)


Return to school

Class Fund £1.00

(named purse/wallet/envelope)

Homework due in (Learning Logs)

Please encourage your child to write in pencil about their bank holiday weekend in their Learning Logs.




‘Stay & Play’ 9.05 -10.00 today.


Notice: Bank Holiday Monday.

‘Stay and Play’ is on the Friday 5th of May - Book your place!

Weekly Homework – Please see attached!

We are sending home letter & number formation sheets can you please ensure your child starts at the correct starting point, write in pencil and remind your child not to take of their pencil off until the letter/number is formed.