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Reception: Weekly Diary

Reception: Weekly Diary 22nd May



Class Fund £1.00

(named purse/wallet/envelope)

CHALLENGE!! Can your child tell you the months of year?? Talking Homework –If this month is January what will be the next month?? We have enjoyed a wonderful week of ‘taste’ the children have enjoyed the investigation station and its ‘tasting station’!!

Your children have a wealth of knowledge around their senses; likes, dislikes, healthy and unhealthy choices.


Trip to the Ice Cream Farm Cheshire –see attached letter with the days agenda.

 Homework due in (Learning Logs)

Good response!!  21- 35 (Come on parents let’s reach a whole class effort. Parents can your children write about the recent change in weather and the reason for no coats/hats/gloves ect or ‘why’ are the plants growing?

Daily Reading –In class we are reading to our partner this is one of our daily challenges – such fun!!




Stay &Play – Will begin again next half term and we will be alternating the days to accommodate all parents so they can access this opportunity.

Star of the Week – This is a huge achievement, when your child receives it please write a ‘Wow’ and send it in we can then display it on our ‘WOW ‘board.


Notice: Thank you to our parents who have donated their children’s bikes we are very grateful.

Please ensure your child has a sun hat as the weather continues to improve.