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Writing Competition Winning Story

The Purple Fox

The Digital origins…

“Kaaaylaaa! Time for school!” Kayla’s mum screamed from downstairs. She was a lovely woman but she could be … let’s just say … pushy.

“Okay I’ll be down in a minute,” Kayla replied in a voice just as loud, if not louder than her mum’s.


“I wish I was a videogame character, then I’d never have to go to school again,” she muttered to herself. Now everyone knows that when someone in a story wishes for something it comes true and just so you know this is only slightly different…

School finished and Kayla rushed home to play video games. Of course, she is the classic gamer - the clues in the name. Anyway, as soon as she reached her wardrobe she realised that her hearing grew immensely, her ears pricked up, her earrings fell to the floor. At a push of the button the wardrobe doors opened. It was the 22nd century, can you believe they have this technology. Don’t you wish you had it?

Oops I got a bit carried away there. Sorry.

The doors opened to reveal a vending machine for clothes! She peered through her mirror only to find that she had fox ears, except they weren’t normal fox ears, no they were purple with studs on them.

“Waaah!” Wait this is like my avatar on my virtual reality games. Right?” Kayla said in an uncertain voice.

“Do I have two tales?” she turned around and found that she did have two purple fox tails. She clenched her fist and concentrated on an image of her avatar. Suddenly her hand became alight with a lilac flame and then a magenta sapphire appeared in her clutched hand. This was just like the game only the magic seemed so real.

“Please, please, please let me fly,” Kayla murmured to herself. Then she jumped out of the window and instead of flying she leapt on top of an office building. So maybe isn’t exactly like my VR avatar, but this is cooler! She leapt from building to building, house-to-house, park to park until…

“Argghhhhh,” Kayla was blocked in mid-jump and just managed to grab onto a ledge. Sometimes these virtual reality games can be too realistic. She clenched her fist and flames rose once more. Crash! A car smashed on the road and the only noise now was the screams of citizens. “Show yourself, evil bad guy.” It was the enemy – who had powers to make objects invisible or vanish.

She punched the air for five minutes trying to find where the invisible bad guy was. Eventually she set him on fire. “I’ve got you now!” She knocked her invisible enemy to the ground and called the police. Kayla shouted to her fans in the city “I am the Purple Fox “I will protect this city, forever.”

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