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Year of Reading

Year of Reading

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'Year of Reading' Song & Video

Year of Reading Displays


Taffy Thomas

Library Open With Reception Class

Y1 Children Talk About Reading

Y1-2 Children Talk About Reading

Y2 Children Talk About Reading

Y3 Children Talk About Reading

Y4 Children Talk About Reading

Y5 Children Talk About Reading

Y6 Children Talk About Reading

A Visit From An Author

Year of Reading

The “Year of Reading” is designed to build a love of reading that will last a life time.

Events are planned over the year to encourage reading of all kinds.

The school has introduced ERIC!

ERIC! Stands for Everybody Reading In Class”. Every Tuesday and Thursday between 10:35 and 10:45 all the children and staff have 10 minutes silent reading. The reading material is entirely your own choice.

The school is introducing “Reading Friends” - adults who come into school to listen to children read.

The school is developing a Reading Portal - watch this space!

This website will contain interviews with children and staff talking about their love of reading.

The school library is being developed - opening soon.

This is in addition to our regular activities such Star Readers, guiding reading, class readers and many others reading activities.

Year of Reading 2015-16